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What's this all about?

A 2 part intensive masterclass designed for you whether you're a post-grad, early in your career or looking to make an important switch.  It's for anyone who wants to connect their work to a bigger purpose.

Purpose and passion are two of the hottest words around when it comes to defining your career trajectory and life goals. But what does it actually mean to have a ‘purposeful career’? Will ‘following your passion’ serve you in the long run? What happens when you realise you weren’t quite as passionate as you thought you were ? Or your purpose isn’t as fulfilling as you’d anticipated? How do you make sure your overall purpose informs your everyday decisions? 

Through discussion, collaboration and questioning, MYP will help you to define your career purpose, your work 'why' and your long term direction - all the while helping you tie this back to your very personal sense of mission. These are big questions so we’ll take time to dig into your values and thought processes to make sure the plans you put in place are the right ones for you today, tomorrow and 3 jobs down the line…


Why should I attend this masterclass?

If you intend to lead a purpose led career, then this masterclass is for you.

You might already have a very clear idea of what that purpose is and are working to make it real

Or you might have the feeling that you want to do ‘something’ but have yet to decide what it is

Or you might be wondering if the purpose you set your heart on is right for you

Or you might have all these covered but aren’t sure how to explain your decisions to those around you


Define Your Purpose

Design Your Map

Defy Expectations


What will I get out of it?

The objectivity to distinguish between a lifelong vocation and a passing interest

A very specific and actionable sense of purpose

The motivation to start working on your purpose led career immediately

A plan for how to turn your purpose from theory to reality

The confidence to stand by your values when times are challenging


What else?


Connection & Support

An exclusive FB community page keeping you connected, inspired and supported

Your Coaches


Julia FG



Alex H

Yugen Coach


Session 1 Schedule

10th April 2021 7-10pm

Welcome & Intro

A short intro to this purposeful & practical masterclass.  We'll explain what's going to happen and all the extras that will happen outside the two live sessions

Values that become purpose

Explore what a career in 2021 means and where you are in relation to that.  How do we find a career that is purposeful?

Your day to day career

There's no point in dreaming up a purpose driven career if it's not going to work in real life.  We'll work through the what the different options of 'having purpose' could look like for you and assess if it's realistic or not


Between sessions

A few things will happen

  • ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER: buddy up and 'meet up' at least once between the sessions

  • FACEBOOK GROUP: You'll be part of our private group.  Daily fresh content and a place for you to connect and inspire each other 


Session 2 Schedule

20th April 2021 10-11:30am

Stand confidently

Group work to work through potential obstacles

The pyramid

Pulling everything together, what are your priorities and what do they actually mean

Reflect + Go

We'll review what you've achieved and the progress in your thinking.  And create further accountability to make sure all your good work doesn't go to waste!

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What kind of person should join this masterclass?

You know there's something else out there you could/should be doing.  You're just not sure what and/or you already know but not sure how to get there.  MYP will help you to define your career purpose, your work 'why' and your long term direction - all the while helping you tie this back to your very personal sense of mission

How much time will I need to put into it?

This is obviously totally up to you.  But outside of the 2 live sessions, there is:

  • Thinking & reflection to answer questions in the workbook

  • Meet up(s) with your accountability partner

  • Interaction & connection in the FB group

As with any coaching practice, you get out of it what you put in

How many sessions are there and how will they happen?

There will be two sessions - a 3hr session on Saturday 10th April @10am.  The second session is 1.5-2hrs on Tuesday 20th April @7pm

How much does it cost?

Regular price is £65.  If you're quick and book before the 19th March, you can get a ticket for £50

Can my friends join?

Of course!  Invite them along.

Any other questions?

Contact Julia and Alex on email at


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