Julia Fawsley Grant

Founder of 4leaf

I founded 4leaf coaching based on the idea of a ‘lucky’ 4 leaf clover. People often attribute success, happiness or a flourishing business to luck - whereas from my experience so much of that ‘luck ‘ actually comes from hard work and a genuine belief in the importance of what you are doing.

And from that I realised that luck, to a degree, is largely your own creation.

Effort = reward (whatever that reward might be to you)

I have over 15 years’ experience in the corporate world, with operations spanning New York to Mumbai. I know what it takes to run a business, keep to budget, manage large and small teams, deliver what is expected of you AND somehow maintain a grip on your own sanity.

I have also spent over 4 years distance-mentoring social impact entrepreneurs in Uganda - supporting their work to bring renewable energy to some of the remotest parts of the country with all the educational and logistics issues that come alongside these initiatives. Partnering with these passionate, dedicated, resourceful people has been some of the most inspiring work of my life and something I plan to continue doing alongside anything else I might take on.

I am a qualified Life Coach, with further specialisms in Career and Executive coaching through Full Circle Global Coaching - a fully accredited International Coaching Federation programme.

Bringing together my experiences, I partner with social impact entrepreneurs, ethically minded small businesses and community-led action groups around the UK to make sure that people seeking to make a real difference to the world around us get the support they need.

I aim to make a difference to the people making a difference.

Please be warned that I will almost certainly spill my tea at some point during our conversations, but my clumsiness in no way compromises my commitment to helping you get to where is most important to you.


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